The Future of Fitness

The Future of Fitness

The Future of Fitness

Reviews are broken

From Brooklyn, NY

Small businesses have no recourse when disgruntled customers and competitors leave negative reviews that are not founded in real customer experiences.
Fake reviews are prominent online, and contribute to loss of sales. These reviews damage business reputations and cause significant distress to small businesses.
Fitness and wellness practices are particularly at risk, as a small business owner’s identity is often intrinsically linked to their business.

Reputation based on results – not reviews

We quantify reputations based on factors such as quality of product or service, response time and after-sales support.

Blockchain technology provides transparency on individual transactions and vendors, while preserving the privacy of consumers.

An instructor’s reputation score is composed of the aggregate performance of all her clients – not fake reviews.

Put it together

Consumers and Instructors interact with disa and each other through Apple Watch and Google Pixel Watch apps. 

Our proprietary dataset includes domain knowledge and KPl’s for hundreds of fitness and wellness activities. 

How it works

How it works

Class begins

Instructor takes attendance by bumping watches with student. Both receive confirmation notification of attendance.

Instructor takes attendance

Instructor can see the list of students that they’ve bumped.

Class Ends

Instructor and student bump. Instructor receives prompt to evaluate performance of student. Student receives kudos & prompt to see an overview of their performance.

Performance evaluation

Instructor evaluates performance of students.

Get the full picture

Instructors review detailed client summaries to plan lessons. Students get a consolidated view of their fitness activities all in one place.

Patent Pending